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PC Intel i5 Commissioner

Configurador de PC

The Commissioner: Your reliable companion in the office

Get the perfect companion for all office applications and office tasks with this Megaport Office PC. The grandiose multicore performance of the popular Intel processor has more than enough power to let all programs and their operating system work furiously fast. The fast working memory also supports this enormously, of course. A compact case and the very low operating noise make the PC the first choice for fast and effective work in the office. All Megaport systems are assembled for you by our team of experts and then tested, so you can start using the computer immediately after unpacking.

Windows is installed

To provide you with the best service, we install the original Windows license on your new system for you when you order. Then we activate it and bring it up to date. So you can start right away, when they have unpacked and connected the PC!

Change components? No problem!

You need more memory, a wifi card or faster memory? Thanks to our configurator, you can easily assemble their system individually according to their own requirements. All components you can select are also compatible with each other! And if they have questions about your configuration or are undecided, then do not hesitate to contact our competent customer support team, which will be happy to help you with your concerns.

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