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PC Gaming Pack AMD Ryzen 5 Havoc

Configurador de PC

The Havoc: A multi-talent!

This complete set offers you a great all-round carefree package with everything you need for your everyday digital life. In the beautiful design tower works a powerful processor from AMD, which masters all computing operations with excellence. A graphics unit integrated into the processor takes care of the visuals and can even play simple games. So, with the Havoc, you can handle all multimedia and office applications perfectly and still have performance reserves for the years to come!

A solid overall package

In addition to the performance carriers, there is also plenty of fast working memory and masses of storage space. Fast RAM is necessary for the speedy execution of all programs and applications - so it has a significant influence on the speed of your PC. The built-in SSD also lets your PC boot up lightning fast and offers enough space for your most important programs. The huge amount of storage space also gives you plenty of room for all the data that accumulates over time. To make your start into the digital world with your complete system as comfortable as possible, you also get a 24 inch LED monitor, an RGB gaming mouse and an RGB gaming keyboard with your purchase. That means you only have to connect your new companion and you're ready to go.

The PC Configurator

Through our PC Configurator, we offer you the ability to choose the components yourself, so you can customize your companion to fit your specific needs! The live compatibility check running in the background offers you only components that work together. So you don't have to be a technology nerd to customize your PC! In the details of each component you can also see all the important technical data. If you still have questions, we are happy to help you with our expert support team from our own house. By the way: Even after your purchase you will always find a competent contact person at Megaport!

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