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High End Gaming PC Intel i9 Battlebox I

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High End Gaming PC Intel Core i9 Battlebox I

With the Battlebox I, Megaport provides you with a very special gem for the gaming community! The first thing to marvel at is the extravagant case. Due to its generous, straight-lined design language and the distinctly noble design, the high-end performance already starts from the outside. Also in terms of cooling performance, the case knows how to convince with its sophisticated and powerful cooling system and its powerful case fans. The special feature of the case's interior is that it offers two space chambers to direct cooler air to CPU, graphics cards, motherboard and memory without affecting the airflow from drives or power supplies. The flush side window also keeps the system in the best light.

Maximum power!

The brute multicore performance of the processor combined with one of the best graphics cards from NVIDIA let you play all games at the highest settings. Even 4k or VR gaming are no challenge for the Battlebox, because we really thought of everything. A huge M.2 SSD and massively fast RGB memory support your system in all aspects and do not slow it down in any way. In addition, an enormously qualitative RGB water cooling system is installed to cool the power of the high-performance processor properly. For a long life and unadulterated gaming pleasure, a powerful cooling is of great advantage! The water cooling convinces with noise-optimized cooling technology and impeccable cooling properties. It provides the ultimate cooling, even during hours of sessions of the most demanding games and applications. The colors of the RGB lighting you can also customize at will with the right software. Here simply no wishes remain open!

Tailored High End System

You have other ideas about your perfect gaming PC? Thanks to our PC configurator with live compatibility check, you can design your system just the way you want! And if you have any questions about your new Battlebox, don't hesitate to contact our expert in-house support. He will be happy to help you with your concerns!

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