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PC alta gama Intel i7 Viper

Configurador de PC


Viper-bite with Happy High End

With the high-end gaming PC Viper, Megaport has put together a very special package for you. The shapely case features a grandiose designed front panel that offers good airflow and a great look at the same time. The interior of the Premium Tower is also optimized for efficient, high-volume airflow and ensures good cooling of your components. The large and flat-flush side window skillfully puts the inner values in the spotlight, but does not lose the refined design touch. The core elements here are an extremely powerful processor from Intel and a very strong graphics card from Nvidia. But the other components also convince with quality and performance! Massively fast RGB memory, RGB water cooling and of course more than enough memory for all data. With the Viper, you can play all games super smoothly and still have plenty of reserves for the coming years. Gaming in 4K and VR masters our Viper with flying colors and opens up a whole new gaming experience of the upper league!

Your very own custom setup

If you imagine other components in this basic setup, then you can exchange them at will in our PC configurator. The live compatibility-check supports you by only offering components that fit together. And if you have any further questions about your high-end gaming PC, our expert customer support staff will be happy to help you with words and deeds!

Windows pre-installed

When you order Windows from us, we install and activate it directly on your system. So once you've built your setup, you can venture straight into the gaming jungle and experience great adventures!


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