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Gaming PC Intel i7 Thunder

Configurador de PC


Our Thunder: A powerful gaming PC!

With the Thunder, you'll bring concentrated gaming power right into your home. The popular Intel multicore CPU with enormous processing power and one of the best graphics cards from NVIDIA form the unshakable basis for breathtaking gaming. In addition, there is plenty of fast RAM and a huge M.2 SSD. These ensure the shortest loading and access times and also let your system boot up lightning fast. With this setup, you can enjoy all the latest games in WQHD and even VR and won't have to worry about the performance of your high-end gaming PC for years to come. Experience super smooth, action-packed adventures of the highest quality in the exciting world of virtual entertainment.

Windows is ready to go!

When you decide to buy an operating system from us, we install, activate and update the original license directly on your fastest hard drive. Then we test the entire system to guarantee full functionality. This means that all you have to do is unpack, plug in your Thunder and you're ready to go!

Expert service

To make sure you get exactly what you expect, you have the option to use our PC configurator with live compatibility check. This makes it very easy to select the desired components. Our system always checks the current configuration of your PC and only suggests suitable components for you to choose from. And if you have further questions about your computer, you can confidently turn to our competent customer support team from our own house, which will gladly help you with your concerns.


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