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Gaming PC AMD Ryzen 7 Zeus

Configurador de PC


With Zeus to Olympus!

Our almighty high-end gaming god lives up to its name. It scores with outstanding performance in every category and achieves top values that are worth seeing, especially in games. The case is also of the highest quality and offers all premium components a beautiful home. The customizable RGB elements thanks to Corsair's iCUE software, you can also shine at your convenience and adapt the Zeus to any gaming setup. The fast RGB memory and the huge M.2 SSD round out your lightning fast system and never create a bottleneck! Herewith you can really play all games in 1440p and VR without fear of performance drops.

RGB Water Cooling & iCUE

Thanks to the high-quality water cooling from Corsair, the brute performance of your high-end processor can unfold unhindered, as good cooling is always provided. The iCUE software not only allows you to fully synchronize the RGB lighting of all Corsair iCUE products, but also lets you monitor temperatures in real time by setting your own lighting effects. These will then show you rising temperatures. You can also set automatic fan curves, create profiles for your activities, and much more! All for an incomparably coherent light show of your entire setup. With Megaport and Corsair working closely together, you'll benefit from premium hardware that's a sight to behold!

Improve the God?

If you want to give your gaming PC from Megaport a completely individual character, you can use our PC configurator completely carefree. Only components that fit together and run smoothly will be offered to you. If you order Windows as well, we will install and activate it before shipping, so you only have to unpack your almighty PC. With that, you can jump right into epic battles! Have Fun!


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