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Gaming PC AMD Ryzen 7 Battleship

Configurador de PC


Our Battleship: Gaming of the upper league!

This high-end gaming PC promises you pure gaming pleasure through the latest technology! The overclockable multicore processor from AMD provides extreme computing power in all areas! Whether in hardware-hungry applications or in your favorite games: You always have enough power for optimal processing of your data. The popular NVIDIA graphics card also lets you experience super smooth gameplay of superlatives. You can enjoy all games in 1080p or 1440p without having to make any compromises in terms of graphics settings. Since we know that not everyone is into a colorfully lit and extravagant case, we opted for a simpler model in a noble design this time, which was created for whisper-quiet operation and convinces with outstanding build quality.

Lots of memory!

Plenty of fast RAM ensures that no bottleneck will slow down your Battleship's performance potential. Also, lightning-fast boot-up of the PC in a few seconds and on-the-fly data exchange finally becomes a reality with the help of the built-in M.2 SSD. Furthermore, the access times to all applications and programs are shortened many times over. Annoying loading stutters are a thing of the past and you'll have the fastest loading times even in huge open world games. For your other games, movies, music and pictures, we have also installed a huge HDD. What more could you want?

You want more?

If you are missing something in this setup, you can simply fall back on our PC configurator. With it, you can easily create your very own system according to your special wishes. The live compatibility check of the configurator ensures the selection of components that match the preselected components and are of course currently available from us. If you have any further questions about your new gaming PC, you can always contact our competent in-house support team, which will help you with words and deeds.


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