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Gaming PC AMD Ryzen 5 Casual

Configurador de PC


The Megaport Gaming PC Casual - Because it's about fun!

This generation of AMD CPUs brings enough power to play modern titles in at least 60 FPS. To achieve the best results, the Casual has also been equipped with a powerful graphics card from NVIDIA to meet current graphics demands in 1080p (Full HD). High-quality hardware is crucial to get the maximum performance out of the potent processor and the proven graphics card. There can also never be too much memory in a gaming PC, which is why we equipped the Casual with generous and versatile memory units. Fast RAM ensures lightning-fast operating speeds, while an SSD (Solid State Drive) significantly reduces system startup and loading times for your game. The huge HDD hard drive also gives you enough space for all your games and an extensive media library.

Windows is already on it!

When you order Windows from us - we will of course install, activate and update the original operating system on your new PC. Then we test the entire system for functionality and then pack it securely for shipping. Once your new helper arrives, all you have to do is unpack it, plug it in and you're ready to go!

Your gaming PC the way you want it!

At Megaport we do our best to offer configurations for all needs, but every gamer knows best what he expects and needs accordingly. No compromises are necessary at Megaport, you can easily create any configuration according to your own needs. And if you have any questions about your new gaming PC, our competent support team will assist you with full commitment!


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